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My Pet Wine provides a selection of wine with personalized labels featuring photographs of Pet Lovers’ pets!

It’s simple! Our customers review a list of available wines from our Wine Broker. They select the wine, email us a picture of their pet and the pet’s name. Then we design a custom label featuring their pet’s photo and name. The custom label is then professionally adhered to the bottle of the wine selected and shipped to the owner!

Imagine ordering wine with a custom-designed label featuring your cat, dog or other pet! Your wine label will have a picture of “Tuffy” (provide your pet’s name & photo).

Examples of labels includes:
– “Buddy’s Cabernet from the Bark Park Vineyard” (or any vineyard name you create).
– Cat lover’s may imagine, “Tiger’s Chardonnary, from the Cat Nap Vineyard”
…get it?

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. We are often asked is the wine any good? You select the wine from our list of available wines from vineyards in the United States and other countries.
  2. After selecting the wine of your choosing, email us a photograph of your pet and your pet’s name.
  3. Next, you’ll select a wine label design and a custom label is created featuring your pet and any information you choose to include on the label.
  4. The custom pet label is professionally applied to the wine you’ve ordered and your bottles ship directly to you or your gift recipient!

The fun begins when our customers serve their wine at home or take their pet wine to a party!

Everyone that loves a pet appreciates the personalized Pet Wine!

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